How amazing would it be to roll out of bed, and into the chair of a stylist who will get you ready for the day? When in reality we roll out of bed 20 minutes before needing to leave for work, having to choose between having time to grab something to eat for breakfast, or styling your hair for the day. But how much would a stylist really cost? 

Fashion stylists that have around five or more years of experience are more likely to be hired by celebrities, to style them for press interviews and red carpet events. A celebrity stylist can cost between five hundred dollars, to five thousand dollars per day.

However if you’re a celebrity and you want your stylist to come on set with you, for a TV show or fashion shoot then you can expect to pay roughly around five thousand dollars per day.  This can work out to be around one hundred thousand dollars or more each year.

If it is a hair stylist the celebrity’s after then they can expect to be paying between three hundred and fifty dollars a day, up to around one thousand dollars per day! This price varies based on who the client is and what style they are after. 

However if the stylist doesn’t have that much experience, then hiring the services of an entry level stylist can cost between one hundred and fifty dollars a day, to two hundred dollars a day. This will depend on the amount of work they are expected to do. 

In the United States specifically a celebrity stylist’s annual salary can currently range between $25,000 to $65,000 with those talented enough to make it into the 90th percentile making $100,000 per year.

Many top makeup artists had to begin as volunteers in order to gain enough experience within the industry to get started. If they weren’t accepted as a volunteer then many managed to gain useful information and experience in hair or beauty salons, depending on what type of stylist they were hoping to become. 

The majority of makeup artists and stylists are freelance and find work through word of mouth and referrals from their previous clients. The majority start out by working under a more established stylist, in order to build up their own portfolio, before moving on to becoming the actual stylist. 

If becoming a celebrity stylist tickles your fancy then Micaela Erlanger, best known for styling celebs Meryl Streep and Lupita Nyong’o has a few words of wisdom for you. Erlanger began her career by being an intern for a number of years before securing employment in New York, assisting the senior stylist Annabel Tollman. Erlanger studied business at Parsons School of Design, while taking any internship she could in order to gain more experience in the area. Micaela went on to say “It was integral to getting me experience and ultimately giving me a breadth of knowledge where I could become an assistant and move up the food chain”.

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