It’s easy to forget that some celebrities had to work hard to get to where they are today. Many of them started off just like anyone else in life, working at regular jobs. 

Kicking us off is celeb rapper and singer, Nicki Minaj. Nicki worked as a waitress at a seafood restaurant called Red Lobster in New York City. Nicki revealed that she didn’t enjoy working at the restaurant and was always looking for a way out and into something better. Imagine Nicki serving your table now!

It would appear that Fetty Wap has been an exceptional wrapper from the get go. In order to get some quick and easy money he worked for Fed-Ex wrapping parcels. Although it would seem this wasn’t the job for Fetty as he was only employed by the company for two days, before starting his next job as a cashier at Popeye’s, an American fast food chain. 

Unsurprisingly, Channing Tatum used to be a stripper. Tatum decided to drop out of the University of South Florida at age 19. Shortly after, the actor began stripping as a way to make some easy money. The stripper lifestyle quickly took it’s toll on Tatum and he began taking drugs and drinking excessively as a way to get through the long evening shifts at the strip club. 

Before Meghan Markle was a royal, or even an actress, she made money from writing out wedding invitations. She taught a class on gift wrapping and calligraphy while trying to break through into the acting world of Beverly Hills. Her claim to fame back then was writing the wedding invitations of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton back in 2005. 

Remember when managers would hire half naked men to stand outside the store in order to attract attention? Well if you looked closely, you may have been lucky enough to see none other than Chance Crawford. That’s right, before he shot to fame for his lead role in Gossip Girl, the actor was a shirtless sales man for Abercrombie and Fitch. 

Before Gwen Stefani was best known for her amazing voice, she worked at Dairy Queen. The singer revealed in an interview with Marie Claire that her first ever pay check came from her hard work at Dairy Queen. 

It would seem the hospitality industry was extremely popular with stars before the days of fan mail and paparazzi. Madonna dropped out of college and moved to none other than New York, in order to pursue her dream career of becoming rich and famous. Once in New York, Madonna had to find a job to support her, and quickly. She landed a job as a cashier at Dunkin’ Donuts, however that job didn’t last long as she was fired after only one day. It is said that she was fired for squirting the jelly from a donut over a customer!

The next time you get served at McDonalds make sure to take a good look, because they could just be the next star!

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