Living in an expensive mansion is something many of us could only dream of. However for the rich and famous of the world it is just the norm for them. Want to know who owns the most expensive celebrity homes? Read on.

Gwen Stefani’s twelve thousand square foot home went up for sale not too long ago with a hefty price tag of $35 million. The mansion was previously owned by none other than Jennifer Lopez and is located in Hollywood Hills. The 6 bed home comes gated, with guards on site twenty four seven. The master suite comes equipped with a his and hers master bathroom, as well as an appointed dressing area. The home also comes with an additional one bedroom smaller guest house, perfect for anyone staying over. As well as all of the above, included in the price is a tennis court and also a large infinity pool. 

P. Diddy moved into his current family home in 2014, a two story villa. The home is worth $40 million and boasts eleven bedrooms, eight bathrooms and its own thirty five seat theatre! If all that wasn’t enough for you, the home also has its own wine cellar, gym and a secret underwater tunnel that brings you out into the lagoon style swimming pool.  There is a second home on site that acts as a spa, housing a beauty salon, steam room and space to come for a massage. 

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ home is currently on the market at a whopping $45 million. The home is ten thousand square feet and has six bedrooms and six bathrooms. It was built in 1930 and sits on a plot of just under seventeen acres. The main living area in the property is huge, coming in at around eight hundred and fifty square feet, featuring luxury exposed beams and it’s own personal library. It is no secret that Ellen likes to flip properties, and this one is no different. The home was originally purchased by Ellen in 2012 for $26.5 million, that’s a considerable amount less then she is selling at. 

Putting all these other celebrities to shame is Bill Gates. He tops the list of most expensive celebrity homes with his home, coming in at $125 million. His home comes with seven bedrooms, an overwhelming twenty four bathrooms and six kitchens! The mansion boasts locker rooms, one for men and one for women,  as well as a trampoline room, a steam room and not to mention a man made stream that is filled with salmon. 

The most impressive security feature must be the pressure sensitive floors, allowing security to know where everyone is at any given time. All guests, upon entering, are issued with a badge that contains and microchip. This chip ensures their security as their location can be tracked, making the security guards job much easier. 

So the real question that’s on all of our minds is, when can we move in?

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