Not many of us will admit to it, but we’ve all googled ourselves at least once in our life. However, there are celebrities out there that get googled all the time! Here they are.

Top of the list, we have Caitlyn Jenner. The 71 year old is an Olympic gold medallist, as well as being known for appearing in ‘I’m A Celebrity’. A good few of those google searches may have been because she is the father to Kylie Jenner and model, Kendall Jenner. 

James Charles is next up on the list. James is best known for his Youtube channel that has racked up a massive 24.5 million subscribers. His videos mainly feature him showing off his makeup talent, as well as the odd apology video, or his two cents on gossip. James Charles currently has an estimated net worth of twelve million dollars. 

It is unsurprising that Prince Andrew made the list of most googled celebrities. In November 2019 the prince discussed his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender. This is after photos of Prince Andrew on Epstein’s private island came to light. 

Tommy Fury, initially known for being a British boxer was also one of the most googled celebrities. This came after Fury appeared on the reality TV show ‘Love Island’, putting him into the spotlight more than ever before. Tommy and his love island girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague are still dating. Their relationship is stronger than ever, and they are currently living together

Marking his place in the list of most googled celebrities is Boris Johnson. Johnson began as being the mayor of London, however last year he was elected to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. With the endless Brexit talks still taking place, it’s no wonder he has been googled so much!

Jeremy Kyle, best known as being the talk show host of the TV show ‘Jeremy Kyle’, has made it onto the list of most googled. His show was taken off air following the death of one of the show’s guests in 2019. The show aired on ITV for fourteen years before being axed. It is rumoured that Kyle is working on a new show, however it is unlikely it will be broadcast in the same day time TV slot as before. 

The google searches for Liam Neeson rose after Neeson was interviewed by the tabloid ‘The Independent’ last year. During the interview, the actor admitted that he had waited out on streets “with a cosh” in hopes of finding a “black bastard” to kill. He said this came after the historic rape of one of his female friends, by a black man.

It is without surprise that R. Kelly made the list of top googled celebrities. The R&B singer was put under the spotlight last year for his many relationships with underage girls. He was charged in December 2019 for bribing a government official so that he could get a fake ID in order to marry an underaged girl. The marriage took place in 1994.  Following this, a documentary about him was released on Netflix called ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ which also lead to an increase in google searches.

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